Painless Root Canal Therapy in Arlington, VA

Root canal therapy has garnered an extremely negative reputation over the years. When it gets mentioned, people typically think of one word: pain. However, the truth is that root canal therapy is actually one of the most effective ways to relieve severe dental pain, not cause it!

Root canal therapy is typically used to treat a tooth that has had its innermost layer damaged. This layer is called the dental pulp, and it’s where the sensitive nerve of the tooth resides. If a cavity has been left alone for a long time or a person has suffered a hard blow to the tooth, this pulp can become damaged and infected. In order to save the tooth from extraction, this pulp needs to be removed, and this process is called root canal therapy. It involves 4 basic steps:

  • Dr. Soltani will create an access hole in your tooth so he can reach the dental pulp
  • He’ll remove the pulp and clean the entire area.
  • He’ll fill it using a biocompatible material to reduce the chances of reinfection.
  • Finally, a customized crown will be played over the tooth to restore its structure and appearance.

Thanks to modern dental techniques, this process is often virtually painless. The discomfort usually associated with it comes from the injury or infection itself! If you are suffering from severe dental pain, root canal therapy can help. Don’t hesitate to contact our office today so we can get you relief you need.