CEREC® One-Visit Crowns in Arlington, VA

When tooth has become damaged from decay or injury, one of the most reliable and aesthetically pleasing solutions involves a dental crown. In the past, however, the process to get one was often just as annoying as the broken tooth itself. It took multiple visits over the course of a few weeks, and it all started by getting a messy, uncomfortable impression with dental putty. Then, while you waited, you were left wearing an unreliable temporary crown. At My Face My Smile, we knew this simply wasn’t good enough anymore, which is why we upgraded our office. Now, Dr. Shakrokh Soltani and our team can give you a completely customized porcelain crown in just one visit thanks to CEREC.

What Is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction. While that might seem like a mouthful, it’s actually pretty simple. It works by using a highly-advanced scanner in tandem with powerful computer-aided design/manufacturing technology. Thanks to these tools, you can get a tooth repaired in a matter of hours as opposed to a matter of days.

The Benefits of CEREC

With CEREC, you:

  • Can get a tooth fixed in just one day
  • Not have to get an impression using messy dental putty
  • Get a better quality restoration because it will be made of 100% dental porcelain
  • Will have better fitting restoration that will last for much longer.

The CEREC Process

When you come in to get a crown, Dr. Soltani will first give you a short oral exam to make sure it’s actually the best course of treatment for you. If a more conservative approach would work, he’ll usually recommend that. However, if a crown is the best way to go, the process with CEREC involves a few basic steps:

  • Dr. Soltani will remove any damaged tissue and gently shape your tooth so that the crown will fit securely over it.
  • He’ll use the highly-advanced scanner to create a fully 3D digital image of your tooth
  • This image will be given to CAD/CAM software to design your crown
  • Once that is complete, our in-house milling machine will carve your crown out of a solid block of porcelain.

Most of the time, this process can be completed in about an hour or two. What will you be doing during that time? You’ll be relaxing in the chair, of course. Fixing your teeth with CEREC is extremely low stress because you get the best of everything: high-quality treatment and speed. Now, even the busiest people can find time to get their teeth fixed!

Is a CEREC Crown Right For Me?

If you have a tooth that has a large cavity or a lot of broken enamel, a CEREC dental crown is probably the best way for you to get it repaired. The only way to truly find out is to make an appointment with My Face My Smile.

CEREC crowns are beautiful, strong, durable, and you won’t have to wait a week to get one. If you’re ready to get your smile back, simply contact our office today.